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Camphill Communities

Delrow Community,
Watford, UK
Delrow Community
St. Albans Community,
Hertfordshire, UK
St Albans Community
Botton Village,
North Yorkshire, UK
Botton Village
Volunteers typically work during the week alongside people with support needs in bakeries, craft workshops, cafes, shops, farms and gardens.

Volunteers sometimes live in the same household as people with support needs and sometime together with other volunteers. Board and lodging is provided.

Volunteers will need to fund their travel to and from the community and bring any additional spending money they may need. Volunteers needing a visa will need to fund the cost of that.

Email for further info.
As a volunteer your relationship will be solely with the host community not Community Volunteering. The details of your volunteering placement may vary from community to community.

For longer term volunteer placements a small personal allowance of approximately 150 Euros each month is provided to cover other personal expenditure. Those volunteering for 6 months or less will be reimbursed the costs involved with travelling to and from the community (including visa and related costs) over the period of their volunteer placement, up to a maximum of 150 Euros a month.